World of Advice – Taking your Vision to Market

Are you an aspiring fashion entrepreneur?

Speak to anyone that has ventured into the world of fashion retail and you’ll learn that creating a successful fashion brand is serious business.

Having a fantastic creative vision is just the start of your journey into becoming a coveted fashion icon.

Developing your fashion business means acquiring skills and building relationships that will take you on the path to success.

No matter what your ambitions are or how you define commercial achievements, read Elévon World’s first three steps every emerging fashion designer should take on the road to success!



Your brand identity is defined by how your business is perceived by your consumers.

Whether it’s the flashy prints and gold Medusa of Versace, the theatricality of Alexander McQueen or the beautiful, femininity of Oscar de la Renta – you need to identify the characteristics of your creative vision and understand how to translate those into your brand’s identity.

Before deciding on the key aspects of your brand (business name, logo, visual concepts for marketing), ask yourself:

·      Who will wear my clothes?

·      What makes my collections unique?

·      What do I value most about my clothing brand?

·      What do I want someone to feel when they wear my clothes?

·      What do I want to consistently deliver to my customer? My brand promise.

Use the answers to these questions and start a creative mood board (just like you would when planning your next collection) then start putting pen to paper to verbalise how you feel about your brand.

Once you feel confident with your brand concept, define that into one clear brand identity that you feel stays authentic to your vision and communicates your message to your desired audience.



Once you have your identity clearly outlined, you need to start presenting it to the world!

Having a strong online presence is critical to your brands success and building your content and following should start as soon as you feel ready.  

This doesn’t mean striving for 100k followers plus on social media – research has shown that in 2018, 82% of consumers would act upon a recommendation from a micro-influencer (someone with a following between 1k-20k) and that only 3% of consumers now care about high-profile influencer and celebrity endorsements.

Great news for emerging fashion designers!!

As a minimum, you should aim to have a professional profile for your business on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you can start building a network and showcasing your content to your growing audience.  

You will then need to find an opportunity platform that allows you to not only sell your products but also connect with retailers and distributors.

Building your own website is one way to tell your brand story and sell products but this can often be time consuming and another online channel to worry about.

Elévon World gives you the space to launch your brand and reach real-world social influencers without having to create an e-commerce platform yourself or factor in a marketing plan to achieve website traffic to your own site.

Following its conception in 2012, Elévon World has helped catapult hundreds of designers onto the global stage giving them the ability to break into the industry and establish their brand as fashion-forward and pioneering.

Whether you are an ambitious graduate or a self-assured artist, our platform is now the preferred route to commercialisation for the freshest talent in contemporary fashion.

You can test your market, the brand you have developed and connect with retailers to increase revenue with minimal effort and maximum exposure.


Whether it’s a business partner, budding relationships with buyers or manufacturers or that audience group you’ve built on social media, your interpersonal relationships have the power to make or break your label.

All relationships need to be nurtured throughout your journey as you never know when that contact you made in the midst of starting your brand will provide added value to your business.

We’ve introduced hundreds of budding designers to retailers at the point they felt ready and supported them on the journey to selling in store. The feedback we receive from buyers is that brands need to remain authentic no matter how pioneering they see their brand to be.

Asking for help, being transparent with information and open about your vision for your company will leverage those relationships in a positive way and will put you on a path to success!

For more information on signing up to Elévon World, contact us today!