Elévon Loves - Fashion Scout presents INIFD

Spring Summer 19

“Unwinding India”.

The India based Inter-National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) in association with The London School of Trends (LST) will return for another successful season at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week for the Spring Summer 19 collections.

The capsule collections of19 specially selected student designers and graduates from across India will be presented throughout two shows - “A journey beyond borders” and “Unwinding India”.

“Unwinding India” sets alight the 2-part INIFD showcase, with innovative silhouettes and pioneering style illuminating the runway in a colourful kaleidoscope of customary textiles and embellishments.

Showcasing traditional Indian craft techniques at its best, “A journey beyond borders” ignites the second-part showcase with radiant collections perfectly capturing the heart of progressive Indian fashion.

Presenting an eclectic array of trans-seasonal pieces from the handful of talented design students, INIFD returns to the runway beaming with passionate design excitement & their signature artistic flair.

Designers have had the perfect opportunity to marry the great traditional craftsmanship of specialist Indian crafts from around the nation. From modern graphic printing which echo the traditional ‘Tie and Dye” to imagery of the beguiling Indian landscape.

Experts of traditional Kutch embroidery, Phulkari, Kasuti and Chikankari to name a few play a part in marrying tradition to modern designed silhouettes.

INIFD has created a stamp on London Fashion Week, now in their fourth season, as a platform for emerging

Indian designers & fashion promoting innovation and craftsmanship amongst the bustling fast fashion landscape.

As Creative director and mentor, Joseph Anthony Toronka has worked closely with the student designers to develop a capsule collection targeted at the global fashion market with references to Indian heritage.

Partnering with Anisha Parmar London, INIFD will be taking to the runway in the bespoke pieces from this luxury fashion & accessories brand. Finding inspiration in the melting pot of multi-cultural London, the pieces are masterfully crafted by hand in their London studio for the bold, confident & badass woman. These eclectic influences drawing on the varied cultures that make up the city’s urban landscape, are visually interwoven throughout the entire collection and evident in each unique piece.

"Over the past seasons we have worked hard as a team along with the designers to create covetable collections that echo the modern aesthetics of the exciting Indian fashion industry. Most importantly we are able to provide these talented young designers with a platform to showcase pioneering work and give them the all - important skill sets needed to work in today’s demanding global fashion market.”

Photographer: Simon Armstrong

Desginers in Running Order:

  • Ketan Kumar Bharatbhai Borad
  • Anjali Agarwal
  • Harshita Gupta
  • Smiley Sethi
  • Harleen Kaur
  • Nancy Jain
  • Rutuja Sakharan
  • Pooja Rathod
  • Heena Sharma
  • Priyanka Khosla