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Elévon Introduces – TISKA London

“Clean, stylish and structural.” That’s how emerging designer Kimberley Stacey describes her women’s fashion label, TISKA London. The brand launched its first collection in August 2017 and represented an elegant, timeless fashion that empowered its wearer.


Independent Brand Spotlight - Elevon World Tiska London Collection


The independent brand has been going from strength to strength ever since. In its first year, TISKA London has become synonymous with Nordic-style. Even the origins of the label name is rooted in Nordic culture – tiska is the Icelandic word for fashion.


Independent Brand Spotlight - Elevon World Tiska London Collection


After graduating, Kimberley joined a large corporate chain working as a junior fashion designer. Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t the career she’d dreamt it to be and realised very quickly that the only way she’d be able to make her mark on the industry is if she launched herself into it and created her own fashion label.


Independent Brand Spotlight - Elevon World Womenswear Dress


The idea for TISKA London was developed and got to the stage of showcasing at a dedicated fashion show. Then, only shortly afterwards, Kimberley found out she was pregnant with her beautiful son, Harvey.


Taking a break from fashion to raise her son, Kimberley worked with her dad showcasing holidays to Nordic countries whilst the ideas for TISKA took a back step.


Find out how Kimberley went from selling holidays to travelling Northern Europe to develop TISKA’s first, full collection – Aria Saga – in the next instalment of Elévon Loves - Independent Brand Spotlight.


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