Elévon Inspires – TISKA London

“Life takes you in all sorts of directions, some good and some bad. All your experiences make you who you are; they make you stronger.”

As part of our spotlight on the Independent Brands we love, we are speaking to emerging designer Kimberley Stacey who launched her Nordic-inspired label TISKA London in August 2017.


Following a bumpy start in the industry, Kimberley now lists two full collections on Elévon World and is currently researching her third. She has also just successfully completed a Crowdfunding campaign to help elevate her brand to the next level.

Independent Brand Spotlight - Elevon World Womenswear scarf

Our bestseller – the NÝTT scarf – featured prominently in the Crowdfunding campaign.


The road to now wasn’t always paved with fashion success and at time, founder Kimberley felt like giving up.


“I lost faith in the industry a little bit” – TISKA London label owner and designer, Kimberley Stacey.


After having my son, I worked for the family business helping to sell holidays to Nordic countries and re-fell in love with the incredible landscapes and the beauty those destinations had to offer.


She’d always grown up visiting that part of the world, travelling extensively around Iceland and then more recently visiting Sweden, Finland and Norway.


Independent Brand Spotlight - Elevon World Iceland


Then, in 2017 when visiting Iceland again as part of her work, she was inspired for a new collection. The strength and beauty of the both the landscape and the people she met on her travels had really struck a chord.


Independent Brand Spotlight - Elevon World fashion illustration


Lilya Saga


“Lilya Saga discovers a hotel made of ice. On her travels around the hotel, Lilya stumbled across a room with an ice wardrobe. When Lilya opened the wardrobe, the sky turned into many different shades and the colours are said to be reflections of the shields of female warriors. The lights went through Lilya’s body, changing her garment into a beautiful sculpture and her body into a true warrior.”


TISKA London will carry on evolving and creating more timeless places whilst all the time drawing inspiration from the beauty and independence of Nordic countries.


Independent Brand Spotlight - Elevon World Tiska London Collection

Soon, TISKA London will be launching a third collection and is planning for a menswear, interior and accessory collection for the future as well.


We’ll be sharing the TISKA London signature style in the next installation of Elévon Loves – Independent Brand Spotlight.


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