About Us


ElévonWorld has always provided emerging designers with a platform for global success.

We began our journey in 2012 as a fashion events company, curating opportunities for both local and international designers to show their collections to new audiences.

Initially, the concept was to give new and ambitious designers the chance to collaborate and share costs so their collections could be seen by the wider world whilst meeting key industry connections so they could kick-start their business.

Each event was more successful than the last culminating in sales from end consumers, fashion influencers and large retailers.


With a fashion design background, the founders of ElévonWorld understand the impact s ales and marketing pressures can have on the creative process.

That ’s why, after two years of research and platform development , ElévonWorld is re-launching as a digital platform created especially for the emerging designers of the future.

ElévonWorld is a one-stop fashion destination for the innovative and creative designers that aresettochangethefaceoftheindustry.


We provide designers with the opportunity to showcase your collections to the world, give you access to global customers and,when you’re ready, the introduction to some of the biggest names in fashion buying.

For the trendsetting fashionista, ElévonWorldis a new way of buying online. Everyitemofclothingbought through the platform is supporting a talented, innovative designer and nurturing the talent of the future.

ElévonWorld is the only fashion platform for visionary designers of tomorrow.