Production Studio


Welcome to the Elévon World Production Studio

Behind every successful independent brand is a committed garment manufacturer that you can rely on

The Elévon World Production Studio is your dedicated garment manufacturer committed to delivering first-class products at a price that brings you attractive profit margins.


Working as part of the Elévon World team, we understand your commercial objectives. From pattern cutting and graders to seamstressing and labelling, we offer full production services to designers all under one roof

Our team of professionals carefully put every garment together to achieve a high-quality finish for all our luxury clients and help to create your garments expertly.

We specialise in working with independent and emerging designers to help them create ready-to-wear garments from our manufacturing studio in Newcastle.


Prior to each project, the Elévon World Production Studio team will consult each designer to understand requirements and provide a cost quotation and timescale for delivery.

Our customised costs are based on the level of work necessary to create outstanding garments for every client and average lead-times for orders vary depending on the time of year, volumes and your specification but our skilled team work on an average one-month turnaround process.


The Elévon World Production Studio is committed to supporting Independent Brands, Emerging Designer and Graduate Designers that don’t have the same big budgets as more established brands.

All designers that are signed up to Elévon World can offset the cost of manufacturing from each order placed through the website to help support with cash flow.

If you are a designer that wants to use our production services without listing your products on our platform, please get in touch today!